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What makes a Joticle Learning Pod?

Topic Specifc

Our main goal is to free you up from the clutter of search engine result pages, and pointing you in a positive learn it yourself (LIY) direction. We currently have researched over 260 topics soon to become learning pods. 

In Depth

Extensive content to provide as fulfilling an experience in  learning a topic as possible. As an example our Pomology app has over 400 Glossary terms in it alone. Not to mention Joticle picks, careers, education and tutorials.


Each learning pod provides its own community forum for discussion about the topic and  for evolving the learning pod content through positive community interaction.  We hate trolls...don't be one.

Giving Back

With the launch of each Learning Pod topic, we are going to align Joticle with a topic related non profit organization to help bring awareness to their cause.

Free Downloadable Learning Pods

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